Sincerely, Nicole

I am a silly girl with big dreams.
A happy, loving, and big hearted Musician.
~ Thursday, July 10 ~
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~ Wednesday, July 9 ~
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~ Friday, June 27 ~
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~ Thursday, June 26 ~

Life is a Song- Patrick Park  COVER

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~ Monday, June 23 ~



Okay, this post is basically one huge realization. It’s not about anything new happening, it’s about starting new. It’s more for me than anyone reading, but I figured I’d share it with you. For my friends and family who wonder where my mind is sometimes, why I might have been on a different planet this past year. Most of the answers are here; The two issues I have been struggling with.

So anyway, I was watching a movie this morning while relaxing before work and in one of the scenes the main character said to her friend, “You can’t forget to check in with yourself every once in a while…So many times we get caught up in our daily routines and responsibilities that we forget to make sure we’re doing okay. Ask yourself: What makes you happy? Are you doing those things and taking the time to enjoy them?”

For some reason that part stuck out and after the movie I sat there for a while trying to come up with a list of 10 things that make me happy. I realized that all the things that I listed had to do with putting other peoples needs before mine. That’s all fine and dandy because that’s just the type of person I am, but I can’t remember the last time I did things for myself and for my happiness (other than leaving NY to move to Nashville.) So I threw away that list and tried to rewrite a new one.

What makes me happy?

1. Writing/performing music.

2. Making other people happy

3. Laughing and being silly.

4. Fall and Spring.

5. A good movie that makes you think or feel something.

6. Arts and crafts.

7. Car rides and loud music.




Right off the bat I listed #1 as music and writing and #2, like I mentioned earlier was making other people happy. After that I struggled to come up with the rest. Maybe I just couldn’t remember in that moment and that I was having a brain fart. I would say I’m a really happy and optimistic person most days… and I’ll find the good in just about anything or any situation, however, I’m still not entirely sure what really makes me happy. All of the things that came to my mind had to deal with other people and doing things for them, but what makes me feel joy all by itself, no other person/act involved?

I can think of little things that make me happy. Things like: the smell of laundry, cookie dough, cleaning and playing super smash brothers. Pugs, rainy days and coffee mugs. Those are just little highs. What are the things that I can’t live without? The things I need to do more of? 

In high school if you asked me to write the same list, no problem. I knew exactly what I was doing, what I liked and what I didn’t. Maybe after graduating college I freaked out a little bit about entering the real world. I poured myself into work, relationships and trying to have my future all figured out in 5 seconds that I lost sight of the things that really mattered. I began to overthink everything because I wasn’t where I thought I was supposed to be. I became less a leader and more a follower… less an extrovert and more an introvert. Other peoples opinions and advice mattered to me, but did I take too much of theirs and not my own? Did everything become a blur in my attempt to grow up? I think about this all the time.

So the biggest challenge for me this summer or for as long as it takes, is to rediscover myself and everything I love all over again. To find the confidence I used to have and bring it back out. I’m learning that it’s okay that I don’t have my life completely figured out at 23. The world is constantly changing and young adults are facing different challenges than other generations did at this age. My old fashioned-self needs to remember that and embrace the new traditions of life.

So the two really important things to keep in mind… is that everything doesn’t have to be in order all the time and while I will always find happiness in making other people happy, it’s also important to recognize my own needs as well. I’m going to try to focus a little bit more on my happiness and if I can do that for myself, I ultimately can love and appreciate others even more.

For those who read all of that, wow… thanks for sticking it out.  I hope it made some kind of sense, maybe even inspired you to make a list of your own and get in touch with yourself. I think it’s important to remember.

Have a goodnight!

Sincerely, Nicole

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~ Wednesday, June 18 ~
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Earthquakes shake the ground

Split apart our homes

Leaving people scared to walk the road alone.

But I don’t care how far I have to go

How hard I have to try

To look into those eyes, again.


Someone else might look at me

The way you looked at me

Before you left…

But I don’t have the energy

To give them anything

‘Cause they’re just like the rest.


Everyday I believe

You were the one who carried me

With all my broken bones.


You might not wait for me

Still I believe you’ll come again

So I’ll be waiting patiently

To look into those eyes, again.

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~ Friday, June 13 ~


He knows that I am delicate

Still he puts me in my place

He pulls my broken strings 

and all my patterns break.


He knows that I am delicate

And he shows me that I’m safe

Kissing every fear away

Every worry from my face.


To the world I am delicate

but he believes I’m brave

Knowing he has a warrior

He still holds me like I’m lace.

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~ Monday, May 5 ~
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Love Languages

I hold you

Between thoughts

Inside dreams


I love you

Beneath stars

Above trees.


I only wish you

showed love

the same way

As me.

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~ Thursday, May 1 ~
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~ Wednesday, April 30 ~
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~ Monday, April 28 ~


For once I need to just need to go

Forget the things that I know

To breath new air

Into my lungs

and feel the warmth from

the other side of the sun

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Nicole DeMarco performing at Open Mic at Roast Coffee in Patchougue, NY

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~ Saturday, January 25 ~
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